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Office Tel: 62353066, 67326266 Tenant Service Centre at 14 Scotts Road, #05-134B Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213
Thank you for considering to invest in a shop in Far East Plaza. As we have been based in Far East Plaza for the last 30 years, we would like to share with you the real fundamentals and strength of this prestigious strata-titled shopping centre. A good comparison among various retail property would be categorized as follow:

  1. YIELD
    As Far East Plaza (F.E.P.) is freehold, the empirical gross yield is from 3% to 5%. The nett yield is after the deduction of maintenance charges would be @ $1.20 p.s.f. and property tax (estimated at 1 month of gross rental).
    By paying a bigger portion of the purchase price in cash, investor may be able to break even or achieve a positive cash flow.
  2. RE-SALE MARKET In 2005, there were 36 shops sold in F.E.P. This figure actually represented the most shops sold in a shopping mall in the whole of Singapore.
    As the re-sale market is active, it means that the demand is there for sellers to liquidate or take profit easier and quicker. Investors can also choose to swap, upgrade or downgrade their shop location. For example, investors can enter the market by buying a cheaper or lower budget shop and after gaining confidence, they can then swap or upgrade to a better location or higher value shop.
  3. CAPITAL VALUE APPRECIATION Since 2001, (except interrupted by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) from March to June 2003), F.E.P. capital value has appreciated progressively. Our internal valuation indicative trend has shown continuously increase in the sale price from 2003 to 2006.
    Future value appreciation factors would include demand and supply of retail space, the state of the world and Singapore economy, tourist arrival, retail and shopping facilities enhancement, future rental increase and the potential upgrading and improvement of the F.E.P. vicinity. The recent Covid-19 Pandemics has affected the rental rates but has also made the sale price very attractive.
  4. PER SQUARE FOOT (P.S.F.) PRICES Owning to the good fundamentals, F.E.P. price in per square foot (p.s.f.) basis scores the highest among all the freehold strata-titled shopping malls in Singapore when all the shops sold are being computed as compared with other shopping malls. Generally, when the shop area is small, the p.s.f. value will appear high. The average size in F.E.P. is about 300 sq. ft.
  5. FREEHOLD TENURE F.E.P. is freehold and has a new increase in plot ratio of 4.9 (It means the new building area is 4.9 times of the land size). Through time, freehold tenure will gain value as land price appreciate or it can hold on to its replacement value.
    Owner of 99 years tenure or below will experience drop in value or selling difficulty caused by policies linked to collateral quality, loan linked to age of borrowers and / or tenure of land and apprehensive and negative market response by investors.
  6. TENANT MIX AND NICHE MARKET F.E.P. has evolved into a fashion-centered bohemia, shopping mall which attract large pools of teenagers and young adults. The tenant mix is that of fashion, hair & beauty, lifestyle goods and variety of small food outlets.
    Its dominant and continuous role would be that of a business incubator for new startup and young entrepreneurs to test-run and launch their business ideas. Such new operations are more difficult to go into established developer-owned shopping malls which require track record, concept plan and capital outlay.
    Thus, F.E.P. serves as a launching pad for young entrepreneurs in fashion & lifestyle business to prove themselves before expanding into higher turf. While the new startup may experience tenant turnover and pre-mature termination and novation of lease, there is a countinuous and forthcoming demand for spaces and the vacancy rate is extremely low except during the Covid-19 pandemics which also affect other shopping malls.
  7. CHOICE LOCATION F.E.P. is surrounded by prime residential properties and hotels; with service apartments in the annexed tower block and with the Duty-Free Shop (D.F.S.) which is easily accessible by crossing the overhead bridge.
  8. MARKET TRANSPARENCY & MAXIMUM EXPOSURE We have been based in F.E.P. for the last 30 years and has now become a de-facto agent and a caretaker for buyers / sellers and landlords / tenants.
    1. Prospective tenants registered with us to source for potential available space.
    2. Existing tenants engaged us to source for more shops, to assign existing lease or sublet extra space.
    3. Buyers consult us on best buy either for their own retail usage or invest for quick profit or for long-term holdings.
    4. Sellers appoint us to balance their investment portfolio or diversify into more profitable or liquid assets.

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  6. Our friendly face to face direct contacts.

Far East Plaza Tenants / Owners Service Centre.

#05-134B Far East Plaza, an excellent location situated in Phase 1 facing the concourse.
Servicing over 1,500 Tenants / Owners. Its envisioned service is to provide and evolve into a one stop service centre for Tenants / Occupants, Owners / Landlords, Shoppers & Tourists and Prospective Tenants / Owners / Investors.
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