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FarEast-Plaza.com has been developed to help tenants and investor to source for shop permises for rent and sales in Fareast Plaza, a  prestigous shopping centre, right at the heart of Orchard Road tourist belt,  to do the following:

  1. Find answers to those frequently asked questions as tenants and investors.
  2. Source the latest shop listings for rent and sale
  3. Visit our on-site "tenants/owners service centre" at #05-134 Far East Plaza (O) 67326266 Fax:67325132  (H/P) 96736477/96675130
  4. Check the directory of tenants/ occupants by nane, unit no or trade..
  5. Read the latest newsletter in English and Chinese of what is happening in the shopping centre

For details, please contact:

Mr Charles Yue (Charlie)
Shop Specialist
Mobile: 96736477
Ginza Real Estate Pte Ltd
Unit 05-134(B), 14 Scotts Road,
Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213

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Please return often for new and exciting shop listings and please make a point to visit our on site office located in Far East Plaza #05-134.  Interested parties should contact us NOW! Either through our email (enquiry@fareast-plaza.com) or call my mobile - 96736477.

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